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When used for the first time, lying on the pillow can be perceived as somewhat unusual, since the foams are new have to adapt to your body shape and body temperature. After a short period of acclimatization (approx. Half an hour to an hour), the pillow will hardly be noticeable and allow you to lie in a restful and relaxed position on your stomach or on your side.

The pillows are suitable for all women who change their sleeping position several times a night and are not exclusively back sleepers (according to studies, people change their sleeping position about 40-50 times while sleeping).

Many of our customers report that they lie on the pillow for several hours at night. Some use it as a sleeping aid, but then take it away after a while and can lie on your side and back for the rest of the night.

In the case of back problems in the lower lumbar vertebrae (herniated disc, etc.), it is advisable to place two smaller pillows (approx. 30x30cm) on the right and left under your hip bones when lying in prone position on the laNora® Classic chest pillow. The degree of elevation should be chosen individually so that you can feel a relief of the back.

On average, after consultation with the attending doctor, the women use the pillows from the 4th day after the surgery. However, your own pain and pressure sensation is always crucial for the time of use.

In consultation with the attending doctor, all of our pillows can be used from the 4th day after any type of breast surgery.

Please note the respective areas of application of the different pillows. Particular caution and medical advice are necessary for surgeries that extend into the armpit area (e.g. when removing lymph nodes). However, your own perception of pain and pressure is always crucial for the time of use.

Depending on the size of the breast, the laNora Classic (S, M, L) up to cup size E or the laNora Plus from cup size F-H can be used, after consultation with the doctor in charge. das laNora® Classic (S,M,L) bis Körbchengröße E, bzw. das laNora® Classic Plus für die Körbchengrößen F-H verwendet werden.

Important note: If the lymph nodes or malignant tissue in the armpits are removed at the same time, ask the attending doctor, at what point in time the scar tissue may be exposed to pressure.

You should use the laNora® Basic after consultation with the attending doctor from the 4th day after the surgery until the compression bra is removed (about 12 weeks after surgery).

If you have a port implanted, you can easily wrap the laNora breast pillow firmly at the top with a flat ribbon (e.g. silk ribbon) where the port area would touch the pillow. This makes the foam flatter at this spot and it should no longer exert any pressure on the port.

The laNora Basic breast pillow offers helpful protection for the operated breast when lying in the prone position (side position also possible). In combination with a compression bra, and after consultation with the attending doctor, the pillow can be used for the first 12 weeks after breast augmentation or reconstruction with silicone implants or own tissue as well as after breast reduction. 

The laNora® Classic Thanks to its compact shape, the breast pillow is perfect for long-term and everyday use. It supports a relaxed and relieving lying on the breast and offers the greatest level of comfort with minimal noticeability. 

The laNora® Plus breast pillow was specifically developed for women with a larger under-bust and a larger cup size. It is used in the same way as the laNora® Classic (S/M/L), but differs in size and shape.

There are three different pillowcases to choose from. 

1. The super soft MICRO TENSEL (Natural) for home use

2. The (Steel Grey) pillowcase which is antibacterial, fungus-repellent but at the same time breathable and suitable for allergy sufferers. For therapists and masseurs, however, also very well suited for home use. For therapists and masseurs, however, also very well suited for home use.

3. The IC Ocean pillowcase is water-repellent and disinfect-able, making it perfect to use in physical therapy, massages and clinics.

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