Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women today. After diagnosis, each treatment is carried out individually and
different therapy options are possible.

Whether it's drug therapy, surgery or radiation therapy ... these different approaches often follow one another and in combination. The effects of these different treatment options can be painful scar tissue after necessary surgery, as well as hardened tissue after radiation therapy. Once therapy has been successfully completed, it often leaves a pain- and pressure sensitive breast, which makes it difficult to lie relaxed in the prone and lateral positions. 

The laNora breast pillows, equipped with anatomically adapted recess, embeds the breast into a perfect fit. Especially in the prone position, the breast area is gently spared, making it easy to lie down comfortably again. After surgery, the pillow can be used after consultation with the attending doctor.

We recommend

For optimal lying comfort we recommend the following laNora® breast pillow

laNora Classic

Underbust circumference

60 – 100 cm

Cup size

A – H


bis 100 kg

Mastectomy (breast removal)

A complete breast removal is not required in most breast cancer cases. If this should happen, various methods and procedures are also available here.

Breast restoration is voluntary and can be done during the first procedure (e.g. by inserting a silicone implant or using your own tissue). However, there can also be a longer period of time between breast removal and the reconstruction.

Even after surgeries of this type, the laNora Basic breast pillow can be used (after consultation with the sergeant) especially in the prone position for the first few weeks (side position also possible).

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