Breast surgery / Implants

Have you had breast surgery where silicone implants or your own tissue were used for a breast augmentation/reconstruction or a breast reduction?

Day of breast surgery

After this type of surgery, the newly operated breast must not be exposed to pressure or contact with a support, as scars should heal and implants must not slip.

Therefore the prone and side positions are excluded for the first 8 to 12 weeks.

Day 4 after breast surgery

We recommend

laNora Basic

From this point on, the laNora® Basic breast pillow offers helpful protection for the operated breast. This makes it possible to lie in the prone and lateral positions for the first twelve weeks after a breast surgery with implants. We recommend a consultation with the sergeant before and wearing a compression bra while using the pillow.

Adequate height and length allows this pillow to protect the breast from contact with the pad and despite the required dimensions, it offers maximum comfort.

Starting the 12th week after surgery

We recommend

laNora Classic

After a healing process of 12 weeks
and taking off the
compression bra can switch to the laNora® Classic breast pillow

It further supports the relaxed and relieving rest with minimal noticeability of the pillow.

Implants should be exposed to as little of pressure as possible and the result of the breast surgery will be protected long term.

With minimal height and length, this pillow offers the finest lying comfort within the anatomically required measurements