We've selected high quality pillowcases in our production, to give you the upmost comfort. All of them are removable and washable.


Ideal to use at home

The Natural pillowcase is made of extra soft MicroTencel. A very breathable, anti-allergic and skin-friendly material.
30% MicroTencel
70% Polyester
Steel Grey

Ideal to use at home, in physical therapy & massage

The Steel Grey pillowcase consists of breathable, anti-allergic and skin-friendly fabric. In addition, it is provided with a BiOme coating, which makes it antibacterial and fungus-repellent.

24% Viscose
76% Polyester

IC Ocean

Ideally suited for clinics, physical therapy & massage

Der Bezug IC Ocean ist wasserabweisend, antibakteriell und desinfizierbar (bei Blut, Körperflüssigkeiten, Ölen & Fetten).

58% Polyester
42% Polyurethane