Physical therapy treatments this pillow offers a great relief. I'm very happy that this pillow exists, because after my first surgery it wasn't on the market. I had major problems sleeping and the implant had rotated while sleeping in the prone position (4 years after surgery). At physical therapy appointments, treatment in the prone position without the pillow was an uncomfortable struggle. The pillow is a great invention!

Berlin, Germany

The surgery was successful, which is why I had to rehabilitate afterwards. In this situation the breast pillow helped me tremendously. I would have only been allowed to sleep on my back for three months, but because of the pillow I was also able to sleep on my stomach. I highly recommend this pillow for women who also had or will have such a surgery.

Hürth, Germany

After my breast surgery it was very painful to lie on my side or in prone position. When positioning the breast in the pillow's recess, I was able to sleep pain-free for the most part. I even took the breast pillow with me to physical therapy, so that my therapist could treat my shoulders while lying down. She also thought the pillow was very useful. Personally it helped me a lot and I can only recommend it.

Cologne, Germany

Physical therapists/masseurs

All of our customers rated the pillow positively after the applications. Looking back, I am happy to have made this decision for the well being of our guests, because we repeatedly hear how enthusiastic our guests rave about the comfortability when lying down with the pillow. We chose this product because it fits our concept of all-round customer satisfaction. Women with problems in the breast area are able to relax more due to the special shape of the pillow and thus enjoy the massage much better. The massage is more deeply effective and the relaxation lasts longer.

Manfred Kever
Executive director Silver Tiger Spa
Cologne, Germany

1. One of our patients with shoulder problems was able to relax better on the pillow. Which made our work easier, especially working from the side on the shoulder blade.
2. Patient after breast surgery: She found the soft and less oppressive positioning very pleasant.
3. Patient with breathing problems: The cervical spine is not compressed. The forehead is no longer pressed into the recess at the headpiece of the massage table. The adjustment of the pillow reliefs the body pressure wonderfully.
Very pleasant lying possibility.
4. Patients found the position very comfortable, no pressure on the breast and breast area.
5. The position of the thoracic spine in relation to the lumbar spine is good and offers a good treatment possibility.

Ariane Lerch
Therapeutic direction of physical therapy
Physioteam Lerch
Cologne, Germany

The more relaxed our patients are when lying down, the more effective our techniques become.

Eva Wermelskirchen
Technical management / CEO
PhysioSport Mediapark

I can say with great conviction that the pillow makes women feel very relaxed when lying down in therapy. It helps me, as a therapist, to treat the patients better because I know that they can relax completely without feeling any pressure in the breast. The women who have had an experience with the pillow do not want to have another treatment without it.

Evgenij Zlobinskij
Physical therapists
PEOmedic Praxisgemeinschaft Cologne, Germany

With the idea that patients, breast cancer patients in particular could be treated more optimally, we purchased two pillows of this type in different sizes.
The results from both the therapists and the patients were very positive.
In the physiotherapeutic treatments, the patients with different subsequent diagnoses (e.g. status after biopsy, status after radiation, status after breast implant) could be positioned in the prone position for optimal therapy. This was done not only with classic massage, but also with manual therapy. The initial fear of manual therapists that the pillow was too thick and that optimal mobilization of the thoracic spine and ribs could not be guaranteed has proven to be unsubstantiated. Even patients without a prior diagnosis in the breast area found treatment in the prone position with pillows much more pleasant. In addition, we received feedback from patients who took a pillow home to test that this also increased sleeping comfort.

In summary, we see the breast pillow as a clear and effective addition to the market for positioning cushions. This is not only limited to individual use for patients at home, but is also suitable as a supportive positioning option in physical therapy treatments.

Rene Wiesen
Therapeutic direction of physical therapy
UniReha GmbH
Cologne, Germany

A high-quality, flexible breast protecting pillow, which is frequently asked for by our female patients due to its' positioning comfort after therapeutic interventions (e.g. breast cancer surgeries), acute discomfort (inflammation of the mammary gland, breastfeeding) or sensory disorders.

Kay Nickelsen D.C.
Atlas & Sports Chiropractic
Cologne, Germany


es ist faszinierend zu sehen, was für ein hilfreiches Produkt für Frauen zur Entlastung der Brust entstanden ist.

Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Warm 

Chefarzt Brustzentrum Köln-Holweide

they see it as a great assistance for the time after breast surgery

Dr. med. Lijo Mannil
Chefarzt Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie
St. Vinzenz hospital Cologne